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Patient Forms

As a parent, there’s nothing more annoying than filling out pages and pages of paperwork at the doctor’s office. Most of us don’t go to the doctor when our children are 100% healthy; instead we tend to go when they have the flu, or a sinus infection, or maybe when they need stitches. At times like these, the last thing a parent wants to do is fill out the dreaded paperwork. Fill out the paper work fast and easy on your computer and just print it out.

Benefits of online forms:

Be Prepared when you arrive

Use of online forms greatly shortens the time you spend waiting in our offices. By showing up with forms that you filled out, on a computer, at home you save the time it would take to complete them in the office. Printed forms are much easier to read and proccess for us as well.

Please follow these short guidelines to make your visit shorter and easier:

  1. Have your information insurance ready
  2. Have your previous medical records ready
  3. Take advantage of our online forms

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